In a world where news of inhumanity bombards our sensibilities, where grasping for things goes so far beyond our needs, where time is squandered in busyness, it is a pleasure and a privilege to pause for a look at handiwork, to see beauty amidst utility, and to know that craft traditions begun so long ago serve us today.
— John Wilson


FARO HOME is the result of the shared passion of two sisters, Farheen and Ozma.

Farheen is an entrepreneur with 25 years' experience running companies in the UK. She manages the sales, business strategy and operations of FARO HOME, sometimes doing 'armchair buying' from Suffolk where  she lives with her husband and two sons.

Farheen enjoys meeting customers, working efficiently and loves spreadsheets!

Ozma is the creative half in the partnership and is an alumnus of the Chelsea School of Design and Central St. Martins College, London. She lives between Mumbai and Jaipur, managing the design and manufacturing process and loves working with local craftsmen.

Ozma loves finding new treasures, techniques and hates spreadsheets!

        FARO HOME soft furnishings and textiles are made by artisans in India using centuries old techniques of weaving, block-printing and embroidery. 

We specially curate and make our products straight from the source to help support local Indian village communities and their crafts and bring great quality products at an accessible price for the discerning British customer.

Most products are unique pieces or limited editions of 10.